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Zero risks for the respiratory system

One of the risks involved in handling and processing fibreglass paint stop is the inhalation of fibre particles. It is for this reason that the use of protective masks is recommended.

ZeroGlass, on the other hand, thanks to its unique structure, does not disperse any fibres that can cause damage to the respiratory system tract, meaning that the operator can handle the product without having to use a protective mask.

Zero risks for skin

Those that use traditional fibreglass paint stop know that, to use it safely, protective gloves and overalls must be worn to prevent the fibreglass from coming into contact with the skin.

ZeroGlass, on the other hand, can be handled with bare hands, does not require the use of protective gear and carries no risk of skin irritation.

Zero risks for eyes

Among the recommended precautions for handling traditional long glass fibre paint stop is that of wearing protective eyewear to prevent any particles of the glass fibre, an extremely fragile mineral fibre, from getting into eyes with easily conceivable consequences.

ZeroGlass, on the other hand, does not release any hazardous fibres into the air that may cause damage to eyes and can therefore be used without the need for protective eyewear.

Longer lasting

The storage capacity of 3" traditional fibreglass paint stop is about 4 kg /m²

The storage capacity of ZeroGlass, on the other hand, can reach up 7- 8 kg/m². The estimated lifetime of the filter can therefore be extended by over 75% more than what you would expect.

Made in Italy

Zeroglass was conceived, developed and manufactured in Italy.

As Italian manufacturers, we are proud when a product, an idea or an innovative homegrown brand becomes a guarantee of the Italian quality that is so well-known and reputed the world over.

Cost reductions

Contrary to what one might believe, the highest costs involved in the use of fibreglass paint stop derive not from the supply cost itself but, in fact, from the labour costs of replacing spent filters. Those in the trade know exactly what we are talking about.

ZeroGlass, thanks to its greater durability, makes it possible to lengthen spray booth routine maintenance intervals, leading to an appreciable reduction in costs. All installation operations and any necessary cutting to size are much faster, easier and safer.

Various sizes
Suitable for all types of paint